The 755 Restaurant and Lounge Niagara Falls

Excite Your Palate at The 755 Restaurant and Lounge

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When we initially planned our trip to Niagara Falls, it was hard to find good food on the internet. Thanks to our Airbnb hostess, she mentioned The 755 Restaurant and Lounge, and we are thankful for it!

755 Restaurant Niagara Falls Location

The 755 Restaurant and Lounge is located in a strip mall area of Niagara Falls. If you go in the evening, the strip mall is most likely empty. It, unfortunately, is not the best location for the restaurant. But sadly, outside of the tourist area of Niagara Falls State Park, the city itself is a stark difference. Don’t let that change your mind about eating at The 755 Restaurant and Lounge. There’s plenty of parking. The latest they are open on Friday and Saturday is 8 p.m. so you’ll definitely be safe.

The 755 Restaurant and Lounge Menu

The 755 Restaurant and Lounge menu is very authentic. They have an Americanized food section for those in your party who have a more bland appetite. They specialize in Lebanese and Mediterranean food which is what most people come here for. They also have Halal options for those who have specific diets. The portions are plenty, so you get your money’s worth and then some. Fish and Chips appears to be a staple in Niagara Falls as it was offered in every restaurant we went to. The fish are easier to find as you can imagine in this area. From all the locations that we ate Fish and Chips, The 755 Restaurant and Lounge was the best!

Restaurants in Niagara Falls, NY

Of all the locations we ate at in Niagara Falls, NY, The 755 Restaurant and Lounge was the best overall! It’s a family-owned business. They are courteous, professional, and friendly. They have excellent customer service! They have great authentic food! And the value is top-notch for everyone’s budget. And there are plenty of repeat local customers who come here, which says it all! We would come here again!

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When you order Fish and Chips at The 755 Restaurant and Lounge, we recommend instead of ordering fries, order their vegetables. They sauté the vegetables perfectly. If you order M’Saka, it’s traditionally served at room temperature. So if you want it warmer, definitely ask your server.

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