Staying Connected While Traveling Internationally

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We all love to travel. We want to escape reality. But unlike everything else we try and escape, we still want to be connected. Don’t plan on taking your U.S. cellular and internet service international without spending some major $$$. So save your dollars for excursions, drinks, food, and souvenirs.

4 years ago, we came across the best Wifi Service you can ask for.  Welcome to SkyRoam! SkyRoam is your ticket to stay connected with the world you left behind without strapping you for the cash you worked hard to take your vacation. If you travel more than 4 weeks a year internationally, we recommend buying the device, the Solis X Global Bundle. The Solis Global Bundle is $249 and has 10 GB of Wifi that never expires. It has 4G LTE Wifi. And has a power bank. You can replenish your Wifi to your device without ever having to rent another device.

Since we spend less than 4 weeks a year internationally, we rent the SkyRoam Solis. It’s $8.99 a day. It’s lightweight and convenient. And they ship it to you in a week. And you can conveniently send it back to them via mail when you are done. You can always buy a sim card wherever you are but it’s more complicated and not always reliable. You’re vacationing to de-stress. So why not let Sky Roam help you do that.

Sky Roam has the best customer service. We once had to cancel our flight last minute and rebook for 3 days later. We had already received our SkyRoam but had not activated it. We called Sky Roam, and they removed 3 days from our charges since we didn’t use it without giving us any trouble. We have never been disappointed and are so fortunate we found them. So if you are interested in getting a 15% discount, use *Pisces15 at

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Sharing is Caring!

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