Paolo's Gourmet & Gelato

Indulge in Paolo’s Gelato & Gourmet in Atlanta, GA 2021

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Paolo’s Gelato & Gourmet use to be located in downtown Charleston, SC. Wet met Paolo in person and he is full of energy and is very welcoming. Sadly, his business in Charleston, SC closed in 2020, and he is now only located in Atlanta, Georgia.

When we first met Paolo, we had just recently come back from Italy. So it was pure happenstance that we ran into someone in South Carolina who makes gelato as they do in Italy. We also had ordered a pizza with artichoke and peppers and it was delicious!! While we were waiting for this homemade pizza, he brought some prosecco and prosciutto. And this was on the house. He said he wanted us to try it. He also has some fresh cannoli there which we could not resist. 

Now in 2021, while we were in Atlanta, we happened to walk by a nearby city, and found Paolo again! His famous gelato is still number 1 in our books. He’s still the same nice guy who knows how to make your mouth water. Hopefully, your paths can cross into Paolo’s Gelato & Gourmet as well! 

Sharing is Caring!

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