Oyster Roast

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Have you ever been to an Oyster Roast in South Carolina? It’s one of our favorite things to do here! We prefer steamed oysters, and we prefer the clusters. South Carolina’s oysters are one of the best. The state’s riverbanks, salt marshes, and creeks are rich in meaty, briny oysters. They are very juicy and tasty!!

I prefer to eat them with hot sauce and crackers. In fact, I always bring my own hot sauce in case, I can’t get my hands on any! :)Hubby prefers them with cocktail sauce. But they are delicious enough to have them by themselves. In our opinion, having been to many oyster roasts in our time here, the best oyster roast is the Knights of Columbus Council #9475 Annual Oyster Roast & Benefit on Jedbug Island. It is worth the drive no matter where you live in the state. This year we met a couple who came down from Texas, they happen to be in the area, and wanted to go to an oyster roast. Advanced tickets this year was 12 and older $30/person and children $8/person which included all you can eat oysters, hotdogs, fish stew, wine, & beer. Yes, that’s all you can eat and drink!! You won’t find a better deal anywhere and that includes drinks! It’s a wonderful time, great people, great oysters! The event is indoor where you can sit, and an outside area where the oysters are served, but it’s all under a roof, so while eating the oysters, you are always covered to protect against the elements. They even bring portable heaters when it gets really cold. They also have a raffle for prizes, and homemade bakery for purchase. This year the lemon cake was the best. Sorry, it was so good, that it was gone before I could get a photo! It’s a shuckin’ good time!

Sharing is Caring!

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