Oahu Hawaii Travel-What not to forget!

Oahu Hawaii Travel-What not to forget!

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Oahu, Hawaii may be in the continental United States, but it’s like its own country as far as rules are concerned. We would highly recommend you go to the Hawaii government website and the State of Hawaii Portal in order to get up-to-date information before your Hawaii travel. Bring a mask as all indoor spaces will require you to wear one. And bring your vaccine card so you can eat in a restaurant. Typically you book a Hawaii trip ahead of time, 3-6 months in advance, and we would recommend you check their website before you book and then halfway till your trip and likely again 2 weeks before your trip. There’s nothing wrong with being over-prepared as changes can happen, and more restrictions can be placed.

What are the Requirements to fly to Hawaii

Non-US citizens must have a passport that has at least 6 months of expiration date-time left from the time they depart Hawaii. Everyone as of February 13, 2022 must complete a mandatory State of Hawaii Travel and Health Form. Also, do not bring any fruit with you to Hawaii as it can spread diseases to native Hawaiian plants. You will have a mandatory temperature screening upon arrival into Hawaii as well. We would highly recommend you complete this form 72 hours before your arrival. You will need to create a new account and fill out all the covid related questionnaires to include the dates of your vaccine. They will ask you questions about where you will be staying in detail and your time in Hawaii for contact tracing. This form is different than the Agricultural Form you complete while in the airplane before you land.

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State of Hawaii Travel and Health Form

Every person in your group over the age of 18 will be required to complete the State of Hawaii Travel and Health Form. You will need to show proof of you completing this form so make sure to have a hard copy in hand in order to even get your bags in Hawaii. They will not let you leave the airport without it. The Wifi in the airport is not the best, your time in Hawaii should not be spent at the airport.

State of Hawaii Travel Mandatory 5-Day Quarantine

Direct-International Incoming Flights to Hawaii

If you are on a direct-international incoming flight to Hawaii, you do not need to do anything on the State of Hawaii Travel and Health Form as you will have completed all your requirements to fly internationally at your home base.

Domestic Travel or Non-Direct International Flight to Hawaii

If you are flying from another U.S. state or territory or are flying on a non-direct international flight to Hawaii, you will need to fulfill the mandatory 5-day Hawaii quarantine or by exception by either completing

If you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to acquire a covid-19 test. You must, however, upload your vaccination record into safe travels. You must print this out at home and have a hard copy in hand when you arrive.

If you are not vaccinated, you can still travel to Hawaii. But you must have a negative result 72 hours before beginning the last leg of your trip. “The State of Hawai‘i will ONLY accept Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) from a certified Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) lab test results from TRUSTED TESTING AND TRAVEL PARTNERS, including any tests verified through the State’s Digital Health Pass Partners” This information is current as of February 13, 2022, we would highly recommend you check the Hawaii website for up-to-date information.

What you need to know once you’re in Hawaii

Most all restaurants in Ohau will require you to show proof of vaccine in order to eat at a restaurant. Some will require you to have a temperature check. Masks are required in all indoor spaces. All state and county parks are open, with minimum restrictions. We would definitely recommend you go to each website before visiting the day before and the day of your activity. Sometimes things are closed due to heavy rain or flooding, so definitely check before your next hike.

Is Ohau Hawaii Safe to Travel to

With all the travel restrictions, Hawaii is definitely safe to travel to and worth it. Hawaii wants its residents and their travelers to be safe. It doesn’t take away from the beauty of Hawaii and the gorgeous weather you will enjoy! There are plenty of places to find 6 feet of space between you and the next person and enjoy everything that nature has to offer on this beautiful island.

In our time there, theft would be the only thing we would advise you to take caution of. If you are renting a vehicle, do not leave anything visible in your car when you leave your car unattended. Also, as in all places, secure your jewelry and valuables if you travel along quiet streets. Make sure the zipper of your bags is closed when wearing backpacks or purses in crowded areas. These are safety measures to take anywhere you go.

Now that you know what not to forget in your travels to Oahu …read more about Hawaii Is Hanauma Bay Open Again-2022? – PiscesTourist

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