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Relish in Your Daily Bread at Namaste Restaurant in Savannah, GA

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Namaste, welcome to a fusion of Asian, Tibetan, Indian, and Thai food! Namaste is a Nepalese Fusion Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia. It was our first visit there, and it was exceptional. When you walk in, there’s a good Feng Shui! It’s very open, and there’s a full bar service to your left, and various tables and seating. There’s not a cookie-cutter-eating area that you see in other restaurants. The wait staff is very kind, gracious, and friendly. You have a good feeling when you walk in. This is something you can’t say about other places.

Namaste’s Appetizers

All their dishes are made from scratch and have a good mix of flavors without being overpowering. For appetizers, they have 6 items on the menu. We chose their vegetable samosas. This is typically an Indian dish. We have had it many times. A samosa is a crispy deep-fried pastry filled with potatoes and peas. In most Indian dishes, it is filled with spicy potatoes and onions, but this Nepalese dish did not have anything spicy, just tasteful. Also, the pastry was large, which is not typical of Indian dishes. This dish comes with 2 large samosas that actually can be eaten as a small meal for one person. It also came with a side of plum and mint sauce for your dipping pleasure. Both were equally tasty. And the large cut cucumbers were very refreshing.

Namaste’s Refreshments, Tipsy or Not?

Namaste had a special cocktail menu which isn’t as common in typical Asian or Indian restaurants. They have 12 specialty drinks listed. I could not resist, and of course, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere! My drink of choice was their Rum-Mango-Lassi! It’s made of cutwater barrel-aged rum, mango, Greek yogurt, honey, lemon juice, garnished with mint sprigs. It was amazing!! My hubby was driving, so he just had the mango lassi itself. They were both excellent. And their regular mango lassi was priced well, compared to most places, and it was poured into a tall glass. So win-win on drinks!

Entrees at Namaste

Now for their entrees. They have many options. They also serve a buffet but it was closed for Covid-19. And that day, they had red snapper as their special, but we passed on this. Instead, I chose their Aloo Gobi vegetarian bowl. It consists of cauliflower and potato curry with a side of basmati rice. I love this particular dish served in Indian Restaurants and the Nepalese version was very good as well. If you have never tasted cauliflower, but would like to be healthy, I think it tastes better in a curry. I grew up eating this and had no idea it was cauliflower. LOL. I also got a side dish of naan, which is leavened bread and resembles a teardrop-shaped tortilla which was really good.

My husband had the Traditional Nepalese Curry Bowl with mixed Vegetables. This too came with Basmati Rice. Both dishes looked the same when it came out. Of course, he had more vegetables in it. The rice they use was short-grained, which is different from Indian Restaurants in that they use long-grained Basmati Rice. And of course, in Asian Restaurants, Jasmine rice is popular. Both dishes were excellent. We love spicy food, but sometimes Indian food can be too spicy, whereas Nepalese food is just right. So if you have acid reflux problems, you could still eat Nepalese food. And once again, Nepalese food has great flavors, but it is certainly not overly done or overpowering. We will definitely be back, and hope to add insight into other dishes!

Sharing is Caring!

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  1. No same old same old on my menu … you
    Know I am a foodie .
    Everything you listed sounds delicious πŸ˜‹
    I love mango lassi but it has to be very cold.
    On the meat side they serve excellent lamb
    Keep it coming !

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