LLoyds Taco Factory in Buffalo Niagara New York

A Twist on Tacos at Lloyd’s Taco Factory in Buffalo New York

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Where is the Best Taco Place in Buffalo?

Most people don’t vacation in Buffalo New York. But 30 million people visit Niagara Falls each year. If you happen to land in Buffalo New York and likely you will, you must try LLoyd’s Taco Factory! They don’t have a lot on the menu, but what they do have is good stuff! It’s not your typical Mexican taco place. And their twist on tacos is savory and delicious! Make sure you order several options as their bite is small, but their taste is big and it will have you yearning for more!

Where’s Lloyd’s Taco Factory

Lloyd’s Taco Factory has 2 locations. One in North Buffalo and the other in Williamsville. If you are just stopping by and headed to Niagara Falls, then you want to go to the North Buffalo location.

Lloyd’s Taco Factory Menu

Lloyd’s Taco Factory Menu has vegetarian, vegan, and meat options. They have a few but delicious appetizers. They have a full bar and craft cocktails.

Lloyds+Taco+Factory+Buffalo+NY+ Menu

Lloyd’s Taco Factory was voted best Taco and Craft Cocktail! If you are here in Buffalo while it’s cold, be sure to warm up with their twist on the brownie, mexican style! It’s small so you won’t feel so bad having dessert!

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