Kayaking in Bluffton, SC

Kayaking in Bluffton, SC

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Kayaking Along the May River on sit on top kayaks

With or without Covid-19, kayaking is a great weekend activity. It’s even better on the May River. It doesn’t matter what your skillset is, the May River is great for everyone! I would, however, recommend you check your wind speed before going and hope it’s 9 mph or less, otherwise, your kayak can capsize.

What’s special about the May River?

The May River is a local treasure in the heart of the Low Country in the city of Bluffton. Unlike other rivers, it has no high-ground waters that feed freshwater from streams and creeks. Instead, tidal shifts flush it out with salt water from the Calibogue Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.

The River winds through the Old Town section of Bluffton. Tyrone’s Porch-The Bluffton Oyster Company is situated along the public dock where you can purchase the fresh catch of the day! There is a lot of boats and kayakers that take off from this dock. There’s a decent amount of free parking near the public dock. It’s better to come early as it can get packed.

A shrimp jumped onto a kayak while kayaking on the May River

Along this waterway, you can see dolphins, catch fish or shrimp, and enjoy the shorebirds and beautiful landscape that the May River has to offer! The shrimp are so plentiful near the oyster banks that sometimes they jump right into your kayak like this.

Need Kayak Tips

If you do kayak, it’s best to ride along the shore. Don’t forget to say hello to all the dock owners who are sitting and relaxing along the water, as you thank them for the shade! Also, be careful of the oysters as they can be razor-sharp! It’s best to wear water sandals like Chacos! You need something with high quality and good grip! If you don’t have a kayak, you can rent kayaks at May River Excursions. We would recommend the sit-on-top kayaks as itโ€™s easier to maneuver and if you do capsize, easy to get out of.

Besides enjoying the water, you can kayak to the May River Sandbar. The Sandbar is about 4 miles from the Bluffton Oyster Company. This tiny island is located in the middle of the May River. It only appears at low tide and is only accessible by aquatic vessels.

What is the May River Sandbar?

The Sandbar is a great place to hang out with your friends, swim or take in the sand and sun! Be sure to check your tide chart and venture when it’s low tide to find this special gem. Also keep in mind that low tide lasts for a few hours, so you won’t be able to leave by boat until the tide comes back in.

As a kayaker, you have to be careful of the nearby pluff mud. Thankfully, I was able to get my foot out of this pluff mud on Saturday, as I speak first hand when I say you can get stuck! So if it looks nice enough to stand on it and take photos of the Blue Heron and Egrets, think again, and just stay in the kayak! ๐Ÿ™‚

While at the Sandbar, we actually saw some dolphins and a blue crab which was really neat!

So, if you are looking for a way to get away, social distance, and something budget-friendly, consider kayaking on the May River!

Kayaking along the May River and enjoying the Low Country

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