Coffee: Italian & Cuban

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COFFEE!!!! Coffee can be a food group…why not?!? So…I did not start drinking coffee until I was in my 20s, but now I am hooked…but only a once a day. I preferred Starbucks before until I went to Italy and found ESPRESSO!!! Espresso is a lot of caffeine without the acid reflux in a small cup that you can down within a couple of minutes. It keeps me energized throughout the whole day without getting jitters.

When we got back home from Italy…we were in search of espresso that was similar. We found Nespresso and have been happy ever since!! Nespresso has various flavors, one of of which is called Roma…this is similar to the one in Italy! This was so good until we went to Cuba and found Cuban Coffee!! OMG!!! We went to a Rum Factory and found Carajillo…It is cuban espresso made with Rum…and they light the rum on fire and then pour it into the espresso…This is wild to see and since you cannot go to Cuba so easily anymore, at least from America….drool over these pictures…

Since being back from Cuba, we found that Nespresso now offers Cuban Espresso called Cafecita de Cuba. It is AMAZING!!! 

Sharing is Caring!

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