Can You Go to Magic Kingdom Just For Fireworks?

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The Magic Kingdom is a great place to go for the whole family this year! Disney is celebrating its 50th Anniversary! It’s a magical place to be but very crowded! So get here early, and plan on staying till the park closes!

You can go to the Magic Kingdom just for fireworks, but it’s a hefty price to pay just for fireworks! One day of admission to a theme park typically costs $109.00 for 1 person. In spite of that, you are unlikely to find a better fireworks display than that at Magic Kingdom! See the Magic Kingdom’s 50th Anniversary fireworks below and decide for yourself! Of course, this shouldn’t replace a visit in person.

Disneys Enchantment

Disney’s newest 50th-anniversary fireworks show has had some mixed reviews from die-hard fans. The previous fireworks show was called Happily Ever After and that ended on September 30th, 2021. Happily Ever After played on people’s heartstrings. They played Disney songs that everyone grew up with. When we arrived on October 1st for the 50th Anniversary, there were more adults than there were kids. Adults of all ages like Disney. So of course, older fans will like older Disney songs! But Disney’s Enchantment while different as it should be shares the same Disney Magic that everyone has come to expect! The beautiful streams of colors of the Cinderella Castle are gorgeous! Yes, new Disney songs are played, but Disney continues to make new movies with new songs. So take it from this Disney fan, and embrace the new!

Do You Need Reservations for Disney World Fireworks?

You do not need reservations for Disney World Fireworks! But you will need to be near the Castle about an hour 30 minutes early to get the best seat in the house. Bring a towel or blanket and plan on sitting on the ground after a long day of walking and standing!

Can you see Magic Kingdom fireworks from outside of the park?

You can see Magic Kingdom fireworks from outside of the park. In order of proximity to the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa and Disney’s Contemporary Resort are the two closest resorts to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks. It’s still much better to see the fireworks in person because Disney puts on a show in addition to fireworks!

What time are Fireworks at Magic Kingdom?

Fireworks at Magic Kingdom normally start at 9 p.m ET. throughout the summer and are at 8 p.m ET. starting in October. We would highly recommend you check the schedule here on the day of your arrival to plan accordingly. My Disney Experience App is also a must-place to check out up-to-the-moment events. Download it at home before you get to the park. The fireworks last for 15 riveting minutes so don’t miss out!

Best place to watch Magic Kingdom Fireworks inside the Park?

The best place to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks inside the park is honestly in front of Cinderella’s Castle. Get there an hour and 30 minutes early and plan to stay there. If you are in a large party, take turns using the restroom, and plan on ordering food from the surrounding restaurants before you camp out on the ground. A Beacon of Magic will start about an hour or so before the fireworks, but it’s nothing more than the Cinderella Castle lighting up.

There’s really nothing to do while you are waiting for the Fireworks show to start, so eating dinner while waiting will make you feel productive. This is probably the best viewing spot while not being overly crowded. There’s a white line that divides this area and the area behind, and while people walk thru this divided area, you at least won’t get trampled on.

The other more expensive option to watch the Magic Kingdom Fireworks show is reserving a specialty cruise. The 10 person guest boat starts at $399 plus tax. You can either see the Magic Kingdom Fireworks show or Epcot’s Fireworks show! Departure locations are at the options below but you do have to come out of the Magic Kingdom Park and be at one of these locations an hour and 15 minutes before the fireworks start. Snacks, non-alcoholic soft drinks, festive banners, and balloons are included in the price. Each cruise is accompanied by a Captain.

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  1. This article is fantastic, and the video is fabulous. The Magic Kingdom comes with a hefty price tag, but it’s worth it from what you’ve said. After reading this article, I wish I could visit The Magic Kingdom and see the fireworks, but the video is as good as being there.

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