Foilage in Bolzano Italy in December

Bolzano, Italy

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So the next morning we woke up and took a train to Bolzano which is in Northern Italy. The train ride from Rome to Bolzano was about 4 hours. The train ride was very nice! And the train seats were very comfortable! As an American, what is interesting is you buy the ticket ahead of time to get on the train, but you don’t show your ticket until the train is already moving. A train attendant then comes by and checks the tickets against her little computer. And if you are caught without a ticket, they put you in an isolated area and hand you over to the authorities on the next stop. We did see some young kids who did this. Otherwise, the train ride to Bolzano was really scenic and very beautiful!

Bolzano in December is Christmas Village. We arrived after Christmas but it felt like the start of December. Bolzano looks different than the rest of Italy. And everyone there spoke more German than Italian. The food offered there is more German than Italian as well. Below are some pictures of Bolzano.

Sharing is Caring!

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