Bluffton Family Seafood House

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Best Restaurants in Bluffton, SC

The best restaurant in Bluffton, SC is the Bluffton Family Seafood House. Look no further, because this place is our favorite! It’s family-owned and operated since 1899! The Bluffton Oyster Company remains the last hand-shucking oyster house in the state of South Carolina! And we think they have the best oysters. The price is just right as well. You don’t have to get overly dressed here, it’s pretty casual. The servers are great as well.

Bluffton Seafood House Menu


Bluffton Seafood House Menu is filled with great low country seafood. One of our favorite appetizer dishes here is the bucket of steamed Oysters. We have been to every seafood restaurant in Bluffton and they have the best oysters. The oysters can be prepared steamed, fried, or raw. We also love the shrimp and crab dip which is served in a bread bowl. The She Crab soup is not as thick as other restaurants and goes well with any dish.


Our favorite entree is the Shrimp Boat Reuben. The shrimp is served grilled or fried on Rye bread topped with Swiss cheese and remoulade. It’s magnificent! They have other seafood sandwich baskets to include shrimp and oyster Po boys. For those in your company who do not like seafood, they also have chicken and barbeque sandwiches. They also have shrimp pasta, Lowcountry boils, and crabs.

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We would highly recommend taking advantage of restaurant week from February 20-27 each year as Bluffton Family Seafood House participates and you can get an even better deal on fantastic seafood. One year they had all-you-can-eat Oysters!

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