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Enjoy a Southern Afternoon at the Savannah Botanical Gardens

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Come and enjoy the outdoors at this beautifully landscaped Botanical Garden just minutes away from the Historic Savannah District! It is a great place for the family!

Where is the Savannah Botanical Gardens?

Savannah Georgia is a medium-sized city of 144K people, and if you have ever been here people, you would not think they had a Botanical Garden. But thankfully they do and it’s located on 1388 Eisenhower Drive right off a busy city area. It’s normally opened from 8 a.m to 8 p.m. Parking is free. It is owned by the Savannah Area of Garden Clubs, Inc. It was designed in the 1980s.

How big is the Savannah Botanical Gardens?

The Botanical Garden is 10 acres and it’s beautifully nurtured and landscaped. While it seems large, a couple of hours is a good amount of time spent here. As you enter, you will see the historic Reinhard House. This house is part of 19th-century architectural history. Both the house and garden can be rented for a wedding or other special event.

What can you find in the Savannah Botanical Garden?

They have a beautiful Rose Garden. There is also a fragrant Rose Collection. And there are so many beautiful smells.

There’s also winter, fall, herb, and vegetable garden.

This botanical garden is an official wildlife habitat. If you look closely you will see some interesting creatures.

You will find beautiful flowers/plants throughout the area as well.

A nature trail can be found here that runs around a lovely pond.

An amphitheater and archaeological study site are also available at this botanical garden. There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy nature and its surrounding beauty!

Is there anything for the kids to do at the Savannah Botanical Gardens?

If you have kids, they have a special area for a children’s garden. This is available on the other side of the entrance. It’s a great place for a science class field trip for small children.

So if you are looking for something to do outdoors, come out and enjoy the gardens. I would recommend coming here in the Springtime to see all the beautiful growth!

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