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Hello! Hola! Salve! Namaste! Aloha! Hi, Y’all! Ferine and Michael are founders of PiscesTourist, a website for couples and groups of 1-4 who travel. We live in beautiful South Carolina. We have full-time jobs and love to travel! We have lived in 6 states. We have traveled to 22 states and 4 continents. We don’t believe we were meant to visit and stay in one place in the world. The world was meant to be traveled. The more we travel and learn about others, the smaller the world becomes, and the more we know we are more alike to each other than we thought.

Our love for travel started in 2009. We prefer experiences to material goods. We work hard to play even harder. We don’t get a lot of vacation time so we make the most of our time wherever we go. As such, we always plan before going! We are planners! So much so, that one day on our ride back home from a trip, we ended up planning the next 5 years of our major vacations, and we stick to it! Most people don’t know what they are doing the next day, let alone the next 5 years!

Thus we are the perfect people to ask all your questions for your next upcoming trip! Let us take the guesswork out of your planning! And chances are we have already been there, so follow our guides!

Ferine also loves photography! She enjoys landscape and wildlife photography in particular. If you would like to purchase any photos, you can head to our picfair store. If you see anything you like in any of your blogs, let us know. We want to provide our readers with not only our travel and food tips but also share with you a taste of the beauty of the location you will be discovering.

With all our love for traveling and photography, we decided to create piscestourist.com in 2020. We have learned a great deal and have a great level of respect for other bloggers, as it’s not an easy job!

So if you are a couple or travel in groups of 1-4, we are the bloggers you should follow. We eat, sleep, pray, & travel! We worship the Lord and thank God for all the earth’s beauty!

Follow Us Around the World at Piscestourist.com . Always be kind!

Cheers friends!

Ferine & Michael

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