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3 Reasons to Bring your Best Friend to Widgeon Point Preserve

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If your best friend is four-legged, Widgeon Point Preserve in Beaufort South Carolina offers waste receptacles and doggie water fountains near the entrance. It is completely pet-friendly. Although you should keep your pet on a leash.  Or if your best friend is two-legged, Widgeon Point Preserve has Port-a-John’s or Porta-Loo’s and standardized drinking fountains or bubblers if your visiting from the north! Either way, you’ll enjoy yourself in a half-day visit reconnecting with nature.

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3 Reasons to Bring your Best Friend to Widgeon Point Preserve

  • Wildlife Spotting

    While in the parking lot, as you face the highway towards Beaufort, you will see a Bald Eagles Nest high up on a tree. It’s plain as day. And it’s a big nest! As you continue to walk near the area of picnic tables, you will see bald eagles…two of them! We had never seen bald eagles before until we came here. It was pretty neat. And they are so calm and steady that it’s a great place to go for Wildlife Photographers! We saw plenty of Eastern Blue Birds. There were also Egrets along the marsh. There’s plenty of places for alligators to be so be cautious. Wherever you are in the low country near water, you can assume an alligator is nearby. They won’t bother you if you don’t bother them, but always keep your distance and don’t feed them. There were plenty of signs to warn you of this at Widgeon Point Preserve. Snakes have been spotted along the trails. Opossums and foxes have also visited the trails.

  • Trail Walking.

    There are 0.7 miles of wide trails to walk along with your best friend.  It’s a simple hike with a lot of nature to see. The nature trail is also on flat land, which makes it easier to maneuver. It’s a great trail for the whole family. There are also many sheltered Pavillion areas to stop and watch the nature around you. However, the Widgeon Point Preserve nature trail is not wheelchair-friendly. Wheelchairs are limited to the paved areas near the entryway.


  •  Scenery

    Beaufort County and Beaufort County Land Trust did a fantastic job with the landscape at the Widgeon Point Preserve.  There are many lookout points of the Broad River along the preserve. There is no beach area, so swimming is prohibited. But you can touch the water along the trail point. The pine, palm, and oak trees create a beautiful natural shelter along the scenic walks of the trail. You can even check out the oyster shells near the water. There are many places to get your Instagram photos. There a lot of picnic tables so you can bring your own food while enjoying the beautiful low country scenery.


How do you get to Widgeon Point Preserve?

There are only 2 ways to get to Widgeon Point Preserve. You are either coming from the North or the South. If you are coming from the North, take this route. Beaufort, SC 29906 to Widgeon Point Preserve – Google Maps If you are coming from the South, take this route. Bluffton, SC 29910 to Widgeon Point Preserve – Google Maps

Widgeon Point Preserve View

What are the hours for Widgeon Point Preserve?

Widgeon Point Preserve is open from dawn to dusk.

If you enjoy the Widgeon Point Preserve enough, you can even rent out their Barn for a small low country wedding or reunion. Take advantage of what the low country has to offer, by enjoying the free things that Nature has provided in this area. If you enjoyed this article, please see Pickney Island, Hilton Head, South Carolina – PiscesTourist AND/OR 5 Reasons to Navigate the St. Helena Sound – PiscesTourist

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Bring Sunscreen, Bug Spray, a camera, water, sunglasses, and a hat with you as you enjoy the preserve

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